Who or what is he? I"m looking for an out-of-universe explanation concerning who or what this character is.

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There are a few theories, probably every one of them true.

The Hobo is a literal meaning ghost

In the DVD extras, there"s second song which functions a backstory around the "king that the train" being eliminated in a tunnel and haunting the train

The Hobo is the "Ghost of Xmas Past"

There are much more Dickens recommendations in this film than you deserve to shake a stick at. With the young young representing the disbelieving Scrooge, the "Three Ghosts" come to be the Hobo (Past) the Conductor (Present) and Santa (Future). Note the Ebeneezer Scrooge cameo around halfway through the film.


Religious overtones

There"s a fair dispute to be made the the Hobo to represent the "Holy Ghost" the the classic Christian trinity with Santa as "the Father" and the Conductor as the "the Son".


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