Kier “Junior” Spates, a native of Houston, Texas, is a gifted comedian and also entertainer whose exceptional resume boasts notable roles throughout a range of media platforms.

As co-host that the country syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show, Spates is well-known for his hilarious and also high-energy commentary. Airing weekdays native 6-10 am on more than 100 radio stations, the regimen is heard by almost seven million weekly listeners and is the #1 syndicated morning radio display in America.

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Prior come joining the program, Spates perform on stages across the world with together greats as Aretha Franklin, Lyfe Jennings, Musiq Soulchild, Maze and Frankie Beverly, Gerald LeVert, Anita Baker and also Anthony Hamilton. In 2012, he showed up as the opening act on Steve Harvey’s cool Stand-Up Finale comedy tour, with countless critics dubbing him “The next large thing in stand-up comedy.” Spates additionally lent his talents to USO tourism in Japan and Bahrain, and also was among the primary acts upon the well-known Rickey Smiley and also Friends display Tour.

In enhancement to receiving wide acclaim top top the improv circuit almost everywhere the unified States, Spates’ standup has actually been taken on on college campuses together well. He is performed come sold-out crowds at the college of southerly California, Texas A&M, college of Houston, college of north Texas and also Texas southerly University.

Spates has made plenty of appearances on the little screen, receiving rave reviews because that his roles on BET’s Comic View and also Getting Paid, simply to surname a few. He additionally appeared in the film Barbershop Blues together “Dre” alongside brand-new Edition’s Ralph Tresvant. Spates has traveled with countless hit stage plays, consisting of Hinton Battle’s Love Lies special Brian McKnight and also Angie Stone, and also Confessions, certification the late Gerald LeVert, Kelly Price and Tommy Ford.

In 2013, Spates signed on together the national celebrity ambassador because that the Sickle Cell condition Association that America, Inc. (SCDAA),after speaking out about his battle with the disease. Together, SCDAA and Spates released the "Rise Above" initiative, which aims to educate and also raise awareness about the blood disease across the nation.Spates is likewise the founder the Kier’s Hope structure (KHF), a non-profit company benefitting those impacted by Sickle cell Disease.

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Kier is a climbing star as a writer and also producer, earning credits for several reflects such as the Emmy Nominated daytime television hit STEVE, the Miss Universe pageant, Showtime in ~ the Apollo on FOX, and Little huge Shots.