Lord that the paris Chapter 11 lock Rock Questions

Who "protested the end of the heart of civilization?" Samneric (p.178)
Who eliminated Piggy? Roger (p.180-181)
How did Piggy die? Roger offered the bar the savages had made to send a rock hurling down hitting Piggy from his chin come his knees. The force knocked him turn off the cliff under onto the rocks 40 feet below. His head split open and also a tide ashed him out to sea. (p.181)
Who said it?"After all us aren't savages really, and being rescued isn't a game." Ralph (p.170)
Who said it?"You're a beast and a swine and a bloody, bloody thief!" Ralph (p.179)
Who claimed it?"See? See? That's what you'll get! I meant that! over there isn't a tribe for girlfriend anymore! The conch is gone-" Jack (p.181)
Who claimed it?"Which is better, law and rescue, or hunting and also breaking points up?" Ralph (p.180)

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