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Make a merganser days and nights playlist to celebrate the healing strength of rain.

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Rain: It's All about Perspective

Rain can be nourishing, soothing, and also its soft sounds do for wonderful sleeping. But for some people, rain represents sadness and also is a metaphor for life's hardships. If you're among those rain complainers, perhaps you require a small bit that perspective.

Whereas on planet we have rain make of water—okay, occasionally dirty polluted water—other planets have far much more bizarre weather. Venus' rain bathes the planet in showers the sulfuric acid, a extremely corrosive mineral acid. (Who's complaining now?) and on the biggest moon the Saturn, referred to as Titan, there are rain showers the methane, i m sorry is highly flammable and also explosive.

Scientists think that top top Saturn and also Neptune big hailstones that methane fall and also are eventually converted right into diamonds. This diamond rainstorms may seem luxurious, however imagine getting pelted by a big diamond raindrops. Ouch.

Still complaining about rain ~ above Earth? on HD 189733b, a earth that is 63 irradiate years indigenous our very own solar system, it rain glass sideways in ~ a mind bending rate of virtually 4,500 miles per hour.

So following time that rains as well much right here on Earth, just remember it's all about perspective. You can have it method worse.

Now the you appreciate the rain more, why not create a tradition playlist of song on the topic? storage the symbolism of rain and all the emotions the it evokes, indigenous sadness come triumph. We've got a long list that pop, rock and also country song to choose from.

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1. "It will Rain" through Bruno Mars

In this 2011 song, the narrator is pulling a significant guilt trip just in case his girlfriend ever before considers leave him. That forecasts some mighty dark days ahead if that have to happen: no sunlight, no clean skies, simply clouds and also rain. (Bruno, you're more powerful than that!)

He reminds his lover of all the sacrifices he's making come be v her and also says a break up would certainly require heavy medication. Okay, does this sound healthy to you?

2. "Here comes the Rain Again" by Eurythmics

The narrator in this 1984 track sees negative times resurfacing and seeks to challenge it v her companion together together a couple, head-on. Rather than maintaining secrets from one another, she desires to talk honestly, deeply and also openly.

3. "Songs around Rain" by Gary Allan

A previous girlfriend obtained married today, and the male in this 2003 tune is an emotional wreck. He's driving around town and it seems favor the just songs that are on the radio space songs around rain. It just adds come his regret about letting her go. When it rains, that pours.

4. "She's My sort of Rain" through Tim McGraw

The text of this 2003 nation song space pure poetry. In addition to referring to his sweetheart's love together "my sort of rain," i beg your pardon you deserve to imagine as purifying, life-affirming and as something the needs, the narrator describes her as follows:

She's the sun collection shadowsShe's prefer Rembrandt's lightShe's the history that's made in ~ nightShe's my lost companionShe's mine dreaming treeTogether in this short eternitySummer days, winter snowsShe's all things to behold.

Now that is exactly how to love a woman.

5. "Set Fire to the Rain" by Adele

With her powerhouse vocals and semi-autobiographical lyrics, Adele recounts love unable to do wrong in this 2011 hit. The woman in the song describes being at a weak suggest in she life and falling in love v someone she thought was both strong and great for her.

Unfortunately, he play manipulative games and also offered north promises, bringing she tears and pain. She gained control and also distance from him ("set fire to the rain") even though that seared her soul.

6. "Only Happy when It Rains" by Garbage

The lady in this 1995 song must be a real joy to know due to the fact that even she admits the she's just happy when it rains, as soon as it's complicated, and also when there's poor news. Sad news provides her feel good, as do sad songs, and also she smiles only in the dark.

Yep, she's a complainer alright, a genuine Debbie Downer, if you favor that kind of thing. This festival is a real friend magnet who most likely crashes funerals for fun.

The song was intended as a parody that the anxious, self-absorbed songs of the 1990s. The genre tended to dwell top top one's inner psychological conflicts. In the case, the tape nailed it.


"Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain to win upon your head through silver fluid drops. Let the rain song you a lullaby." - Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali polymath

Kate McDonald via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, amendment by FlourishAnyway

7. "November Rain" by guns N' Roses

The pair in this 1992 power ballad is draw close the finish of your relationship. The narrator deserve to feel the there's been a readjust in the way his girlfriend feels around him, and he's struggling to host onto her. Despite his pleas, he likewise tells himself that "nothin' large forever, even cold November rain."

8. "I endured the Rain" by Barry Manilow

This sentimental 1980 tune is a survivor's anthem. It's about a man who is proud to have actually made it through tough times v his dignity and also positive check out of himself and also the civilization still intact.

When he to be going v the worst period of his life, friends to be scarce. However, he uncovered the stamin to weather the storm. He faced his fears and also became a function model for others going through daunting circumstances.

9. "It's rain Men" by The Weather Girls

You've heard of rain cats and also dogs, right? This worldwide hit indigenous 1982 reports the unusual instance of mother Nature act a favor for every the solitary ladies through deciding to have actually it start raining males one day:

God bless mom Nature, she's a single woman tooShe took off to Heaven and also she walk what she had to do.She teach every angel; she rearranged the skySo that each and every woman might find she perfect guy.

What's ironic, however, is that the track later came to be a happy anthem.

10. "Through the Rain" by Mariah Carey

In this 2002 song, Mariah Carey explains the desperate and also empty emotion of gift stranded alone in the rain, and gives rather the encourage they have to make it through. She motivates them to was standing on their own, reach for the stamin that they might not also realize is there, and also rely on your faith. Acquisition one step at a time, realize the you may stumble but eventually you can stand tall and also overcome your challenges.

11. "When the Rains" by child Rock

Those of united state who have actually lost a friend as a teenager can identify v the sorrow and also lingering grief in this 2010 song. The narrator recalls being a carefree 17-year-old, hanging out with friends and also then learning about the tragic news:

Like a deer in the headlights, i stood frozen in my tracks and also the weight of the news, It nearly broke my back.

Forever changed by the loss of his friend and also his carefree youth, the still cries.


"Some civilization walk in the rain, rather just get wet." - john Cleveland, American politician

renee_mcgurk via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, amendment by FlourishAnyway

12. "Bring top top the Rain" by Jo Dee Messina & Tim McGraw

You've heard the saying, "When it rains, that pours." In this 2000 country song, the narrator doesn't hit it but rather welcomes the difficulty because tomorrow is an additional day.

13. "I Love a merganser Night" through Eddie Rabbitt

No one loves a rainy night favor the guy in this 1980 classic. The gets every giddy hearing the thunder, city hall the lightning and also both feeling and tasting the rain.

He states it put a track in his heart. What he's most likely ignoring is the hazard of being out in a thunderstorm, but who am i to diss his bliss?

14. "Georgia Rain" through Trisha Yearwood

A tender, rain-soaked memory from a woman's teenage year is the focus of this 2005 country song. The sweet memory connected her boyfriend and also laying the end under the stars when a sudden downpour occurred.

Years later, she's back in she hometown and the memory comes rushing back to her. Back they've both moved on, she says not even the Georgia rain have the right to wash away the means she loves him to this day.


"Don't be angry with the rain; it just does not know exactly how to fall upwards." - Vladimir Nabokov, Russian-American novelist

Marco Sotgiu via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, amendment by FlourishAnyway

15. "When the Rains" through Eli Young Band

The guy in this 2008 track is a genuine ray that sunshine. He describes that "the sun may brighten her day, but if I had my means I'd take it the rain" due to the fact that if friend "start the end depressed then everything comes as a pleasant surprise."

He doesn't mind gift lonely and crying, and also prefers not to also try. That sounds like someone demands to asking his medical professional to double his dose of Prozac.

16. "Rainy Days and Mondays" by The Carpenters

What is it around rain the gets people feeling so depressed? Rain is nourishing because that the earth and it's an excellent sleeping weather.

However, the woman in this 1971 tune doesn't view it the way. She's bored, lonely, and also has feeling of hopelessness. Explaining the "rainy days and also Mondays always get me down," she seeks comfort from the one that loves her.

17. "Purple Rain" through Prince

This song's text refer to transforming times and deal with an ex-lover and also friend the narrator cares because that deeply. But people have been trying to figure out the an interpretation behind the 1984 chart-topper for years.

Some to speak it's around the coming finish of the world, together The purple One was really interested in the apocalypse. Others believe that violet rain is a metaphor for spiritual euphoria. The song is one of Rolling Stone magazine's 500 greatest Songs of every Time and The Rock and Roll room of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and also Roll.

18. "Raining ~ above Sunday" through Keith Urban

This romantic country song from 2002 defines a man who feel worn and weathered through the hardships that his life. Come relax and also rejuvenate he hopes that Sunday brings rainstorms so the he and his partner deserve to spend the work under the covers gaining reacquainted:

Your love is like religionA overcome in MexicoAnd your kiss is choose the innocence the a prayer nailed come a door.Oh, surrender in lot sweeterWhen us both let it go.Let the water wash our body cleanAnd love to wash our souls.

19. "Rhythm of the Rain" by The Cascades

The rain serves together a pains reminder come the heartbroken guy in this 1962 track that his sweetheart has left him. He realizes the he is a fool to let her gain away and now every he deserve to do is weep about it. Better luck following time, fella!

The track is unusual in the it functions a music instrument referred to as a celesta, a large wooden music box comparable to a piano.

20. "Have You ever before Seen the Rain" by pole Stewart

So countless artists have offered up their variation of this 1971 song, originally released by Creedence Clearwater Revival. However, rod Stewart's 2006 version represents a particularly noteworthy effort.

The tune is about the calm prior to the storm. The narrator predicts this will an outcome in a sunlight shower, an unusual weather phenomenon in i m sorry the sun is shining yet it's raining. This is a an allegory for being sad even though every little thing objectively looks choose it's going your way. Ever before have that happen to you?


Rain isn't that poor is it? It'll it is in gone before you know it.

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