If you're a pro-wrestling fan with an affinity for high-flying activity and superstars who carry out death-defying, top rope stunts in all of their matches, then chances are you never ever missed a single match the featured Jeff and Matt Hardy. The continuous Boyz were among the WWE's most popular tag team draws, and also both Jeff and Matt skyrocketed into stardom v the company, resonating with audiences almost everywhere the world.

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So why, in 2009, go Jeff up and leave the WWE?

Although they officially became a tags team in 1993 whereby they cut their this on elevation circuits, which had backyard trampoline wrestling, the continuous Boyz grinded and also slowly but surely built a surname for themselves till they finally captured the attention of the people Wrestling Federation (now WWE) in 1998.

Their "Xtreme" persona was punctuated by a raver aesthetic, dyed hair, and gravity-defying moves.

In 2000, Lita joined their tag team to rotate it into a trio, becoming "Team Xtreme" and ushering in a whole brand-new force to it is in reckoned with in expert wrestling. Lock quickly became some that the most renowned Superstars the people of sports Entertainment has ever before seen and were a mainstay in fan-favorite storylines, above matches, and also merchandising deals from t-shirts, to school folders, video games, and anything you can think of.


It's also to necessary to think about that they debuted throughout the vaunted "Attitude Era" that experienced the breakthrough of superstar that had actually broad, cross-platform appeal. We're talking The rock and rock Cold Steve Austin. The Undertaker was arguably at his ideal during this time, together was Kane. As the years progressed and a brand-new slew that Superstars started to gain fandom, favor Brock Lesnar and also John Cena, Matt and also Jeff Hardy were still very big stars.

From 2006 - 2009, Jeff Hardy yes, really was a main event fighter, taking on the likes of Triple H and John Cena, and also even The Undertaker in contests that could've conveniently been featured ~ above a pay-per-view and would be considered well worth the money.

In mid-2002, the continuous Boyz had separation (it wake up a many with famous tag groups to save things new in the organization) and also this was after they ran amok on various other WWE duos.

The Dudley Boyz, and also Edge and also Christian were constantly battling with Jeff and also Matt Hardy, v the last team being the clear fan favorite in most places they performed.

And although Jeff was getting a most love from the WWE's composing room, towards the finish of April 2003, he took a rest from wrestling because that Vince McMahon's company.

"Erratic behavior" to be cited together being the main cause. His in-ring power suffered. There were rumors of drug use, and also he would certainly sometimes just flake on events.

Jeff has actually gone on document to say the his 2003 exit was due to being burned out — life ~ above the road is difficult, after ~ all. He eventually cleaned up his act enough to sign up with TNA Wrestling because that a couple of years.

But he returned to the WWE in 2006 and also was instantly welcomed by fans, earning a ton that belts in the process, consisting of two WWE human being Heavyweight Titles. Not negative for someone that was just on a break.

Jeff had sunken low, but battled earlier and managed to rise to the peak of the world's greatest wrestling platform yet again. But his comeback was mired in some debate as well. In 2008, that was found in violation that the WWE's well-being policy, earning self a 30 work suspension in the process. It was rumored the he was set to it is in the winner that a vast "Money in the Bank" ladder enhance at Wrestlemania XXIV before that suspension.

His last complement was a steel Cage bout versus then-champion cm Punk. Jeff initiated the an obstacle and centimeter agreed to the match with one condition: Jeff had actually to agree to leaving the WWE if the lost, which is exactly what happened. Jeff hardy actually left the WWE, so the writer's must've put in the wrestler's leave as component of the show's main storyline.

However, it's essential to note that Jeff didn't leave since of problem abuse or due to a suspension.

His gritty, dangerous layout of pro-wrestling (is there even really a "safe" means to perform it, anyway?) caused him a multitude the injuries the he want to take time to cure up. A lingering neck problem and also two herniated disks supposed Jeff had a the majority of work to execute to get earlier to fighting shape, or simply not it is in in perpetual pain.

Instead of return to the WWE, immediately, Jeff fixed his injuries and also wrestled with TNA for another 7 years or so, earning a bunch of title belts in the process.

He returned to the WWE in 2017, and also again, had to take it time turn off to walk to rehab. He made another resounding return on march 13, 2020 top top SmackDown! in former of an north arena (coronavirus, yo!). And even despite the roar of the crowd wasn't there, it was clear that the male hadn't lost a step and his enthusiasm for wrasslin' remains.

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He's quiet a mainstay of the WWE again and fans room overjoyed to see him top top the mat again.

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