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Marvin Winans is known as an American gospel singer, actor. He is most renowned for being a member the the band, “Winans Family”.

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Marvin Lawrence Winans was born on in march 5th, 1958. He and his fraternal twin brother, Carvin, that was born very first were the third and fourth children born come David "Pop" Winans, Sr. And Delores "Mom" Winans. He invested his childhood in Detroit, Michigan v nine siblings.

Marriage, Wife, and also Children

Marvin to be married to a woman called Vickie Bowman. The couple got married in 1978 and had a son, Marvin Jr. Marvin also embraced Vickie’s boy Mario, from her previous marriage. His wife, Vickie Winans is additionally a gospel singer and also grew increase in Detroit, Michigan. Prior to meeting Marvin, she lived through a few failed marriages and a miscarriage. She gave up her career in music and resolved into life as a homemaker. ~ marrying Marvin, she re-entered the industry, joining the Winans household group.

In 1995 Marvin and also Vickie divorced because of irreconcilable differences, which came as a shock come all who knew them. In an interview, Vickie claimed that they had simply grown apart, which was typical for a high-profile couple, and that no one was come blame for the split. Marvin’s boy have adhered to in your father's footsteps, choosing to job-related in the music industry. Mario is a singer and also producer, and also Marvin Jr. Was a member the the Winans phase II but is currently a solo singer and a producer.

Singing Career

Marvin began singing together a teenager in the 1970s, as component of a group called “The Testimonial Singers” which contained his brothers Ronald, Carvin, and also Michael. In 1975, the group's name was changed to "The Winans". The foursome released number of albums over the next two decades, starting with your 1981 debut album ''Introducing The Winans'', which was met with good success.

The group declared to be significantly influenced by the singer and producer Andre Crouch, who additionally gave the group their huge break. The group continued making music till the 1990s, producing the albums ''Long Time Comin' '' (1983), ''Tomorrow'' (1984), ''Let My human being Go'' (1985), ''Decisions'' (1987), ''The Winans Live at Carnegie Hall'' (1988), ''Return' (1990), “All Out” (1993), and also “Heart & Soul” (1995) before disbanding in 1995.

Commenting ~ above his group’s success, Marvin said: “I think that has been the success that The Winans, in that we have actually been honest. That is so essential for united state to it is in transparent. Civilization know what is real and they recognize what is fake. They understand what has come with experience and also they recognize when you're making something up. So i hope the The Winans have actually been honest and transparent in what we've done throughout the years.”

He also said the "Respect is a great thing that's lacking in music today. Respect because that the music itself. Respect for artistry. It's changed with respect for the audience. You listen to rappers and also the likes and also they have actually no respect. Lock feel as if world have come buy your music and that they have to go to their concerts. If stuff's not right, castle blame everyone however themselves."

The Winans sang background vocals on number of big-name mainstream tasks such together Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror," Stevie Wonder's "Treat Myself" and also Ladysmith black color Mambazo's "Leaning top top the Everlasting/Two civilizations One Heart.

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" as an organist and also pianist, Marvin’s role in the group was to write and also produce songs. End the years, however, Marvin Winans started to stand out as a solo artist, and also eventually, he exit his very first solo album, “Alone yet Not Alone”, i beg your pardon climbed come number 85 ~ above the charts in 2007. Throughout his solo career, that wrote and also produced well-known songs such together “Just Don't Wanna Know” and “I'm over It Now.”

Marvin Winans has actually even appeared in 2 movies “Mama I desire to Sing” (2011), and “I have the right to Do negative All by Myself” (2009), as well as on the hit TV series, “Tyler Perry's house of Payne” (2008). In 1997, Winans started the Marvin L. Winans Academy that Performing arts (WAPA).