Kingdom Hearts: 5 Worst things Xehanort go (& 5 Best) Xehanort has often been among the key antagonists in the Kingdom hearts series, an interpretation he has actually done part truly terrible things.

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Xehanort was among the main antagonists in Kingdom Hearts and was finally beat at the end of Kingdom mind III. Transparent the series, he has actually done plenty of terrible points that have actually hurt the Guardians of Light, and characters from Disney and Square Enix properties.

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Though Xehanort to be the key antagonist of many of the installments in The Dark Seeker Saga, the isn"t completely evil, and some fans may even argue that he is a misunderstood hero. He"s aided the protagonists many times and his intentions weren"t bad. Here are five of the worst and also five that the best things he"s done throughout the franchise.

Apprentice Xehanort
as soon as Xehanort pretended to shed his memories and went to Radiant Garden, he ended up being an apprentice to the world"s king, Ansem the Wise. Together a researcher, Ansem refused to permit Xehanort come experiment on the heart any kind of further than they had already done, fearing what the heartless would certainly be capable of. Xehanort and also Ansem"s other apprentices sent their leader to the kingdom of Darkness.

As their brand-new leader, Xehanort turn himself and his comrades right into a heartless and a nobody. Xehanort"s heartless took Ansem"s name and his no one was dubbed Xemnas, two of the other main antagonists in The Dark Seeker Saga.

Keyblade wielders attract armor in ~ Scala ad Caelum
In one of the newest installments in the series, Dark Road, fans gained to learn around Xehanort"s past. As soon as he visited Scala advertisement Caelum and started training to come to be a keyblade master, students the took their note of Mastery exam went missing. He, Eraqus, and also their classmates, Vor, Hermod, Urd, and Bragi tried to find them.

As this is a mobile title that is currently being updated come reveal much more of the story, it is right now unknown what taken place to the lacking keyblade wielders and also who they"ll find, but fans deserve to see Xehanort occupational with his friends and try his finest to save them. Unfortunately, four human being that that cared about died, and also fans doubt that they space the four new characters introduced in this title or 4 of the students the took their mark of Mastery exam.

Xehanort kills Kairi
among the most heartbreaking moment in Kingdom hearts III was when Kairi died. In order to obtain the X-Blade, Xehanort required the Guardians of Light and the Seekers that Darkness to fight. He necessary all thirteen members in his team to hit Sora and the various other protagonists.

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However, when he to be the last one that needed to fight them, Sora, Riku, and also Mickey refuse to attack. This caused him come strike Kairi down in front of them, killing her. Luckily, Sora had the ability to go come The last World and bring her back to life yet had to sacrifice himself in the process.

7 He aided Kairi find Out where Sora Is

Kairi vs Xehanort
The Guardians of light are right now trying to discover a method to conserve Sora. In Melody of Memory, players control Kairi inside of a dream. There, she encountered Xehanort, who offered her a hint as to where Sora would certainly be. After she wake up up, she, Riku, and the Fairy Godmother went to The last World and also spoke come the Nameless Star. By thinking of what Xehanort said, they were able to figure out the Sora is in Quadratrum. Riku is currently heading there to discover his girlfriend while Kairi trains under grasp Aqua to come to be stronger.

Terra was one of Eraqus" students that wanted to be a keyblade master an ext than anything. However, he failed his note of Mastery exam, leave him breakable and enabling Xehanort to manipulate him. By informing Terra what he want to hear and also getting the to watch that darkness wasn"t bad, Xehanort was able to trick Terra, and also took control of his body at the finish of Birth by Sleep. For a decade, Terra barely had any kind of control the himself, and also it was this body that Xehanort sacrificed in bespeak to develop Ansem the Seeker the Darkness and Xemnas.

5 He lugged Ventus to Eraqus

Before ending up being friends through Terra and Aqua, Ventus to be Xehanort"s apprentice. In stimulate to forge the X-Blade, Xehanort removed the darkness within Ventus and created Vanitas. He hoped that by having the 2 of them fight, he"d be able to acquire the weapon. However, Ventus wasn"t a fighter therefore Xehanort temporarily provided up on this method and lugged his apprentice come Eraqus, hoping that his old friend would certainly train him. Despite Xehanort didn"t execute this to be type to Ventus, his actions brought about the apprentice gaining a far better life 보다 he had before.

at the end of Birth through Sleep, Aqua visited Radiant Garden, hoping to save Terra indigenous the control Xehanort had over him. Once the 2 fought, she entered the realm of Darkness and was trapped there for a decade. Players regulate her and explore this kingdom in A Fragmentary Passage, learning everything that occurred to she in ten years.

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She traveled to the dark execution of lock of Dreams, Dwarf Woodlands, enchanted Dominion, and Destiny Islands, teamed up v Mickey, and fought hundreds of heartless, and phantom execution of herself. She also corrupted towards the end of her time in the realm of Darkness but was luckily conserved by Sora, Riku, and Mickey. However, this suffer would affect her also after she returned to the realm of Light.

3 He was Willing to Let go Of every little thing He Tried to Achieve

in ~ the finish of Kingdom hearts III, Xehanort fought against Sora, Donald, and Goofy. He had the advantage and can have lastly reached Kingdom Hearts, however the other Guardians of Light showed up before him, and Eraqus speak to Xehanort one last time through Terra. Eraqus was able to convince Xehanort come let his desire go. He offered the X-Blade to Sora and also faded away with Xehanort, hoping that the human being would be much better off there is no him fulfilling the remaining purposes he had.

Xehanort has actually hurt a most people, consisting of those that aided him. For years, Xemnas was supposedly the leader of organization XIII and also pretended the the group"s goal was to achieve the hearts castle lost. However, the members of organization XIII always had hearts and were in reality being cheat so Xemnas and Xehanort could turn them into other versions of the manipulative master. He didn"t care about any the his comrades, which at some point came earlier to haunt him together the Seekers of Darkness all ended up having actually their own reasons for joining him and also didn"t actually care around helping him achieve his goal.

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1 all The negative Things that Did to be For A great Reason

due to the fact that he to be introduced, Xehanort wanted to build the X-Blade so the he could get come Kingdom Hearts. However, his factors remained a an enig until the end of Kingdom hearts III. The turned the end that he wanted to reset the world so he can protect the light. By doing so, darkness wouldn"t have acquired inside of people"s hearts and also the civilization would have been a better place. Despite he did destructive things, castle wouldn"t have mattered if he would have been able to take it them all earlier and change destiny afterward. In the end, Xehanort actually want to be the guardian the light.