Guinea pigs are docile animals, and rarely bite without cause. They have tendency to "mouth" their owner while gift held, simply to view if you edible! These space not hard bites, though, and also don"t hurt. It"s no aggression, simply curiosity.

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Guinea pigs only use their teeth aggressively if they feeling under danger - they space their only way of defence. If her pet bites you for real, it’s since they’re fear of you. Teaching them that they don"y need be afraid, and that they deserve to actually expect treats and also affection from girlfriend is what this training is all about.

Guinea Pigs don"t commonly use their teeth aggressively

How to stop your guinea pig biting

You require to number out why her pet is biting in the an initial place. There are different possible reasons:


Do you smell of something that your guinea pig can be fear of, such as cats and dogs? stay clean clothes and also wash your hands prior to you pick them up. It"s a an excellent idea come wear gloves - clean persons - to offer security in situation the GP still desires to bite. Or perhaps the GP is stressed, and therefore afraid. Are they in a according to place? do they feel intimidated by various other pets, according to children, or noisy family appliances?


Another point that causes a GP come bite is if it"s in pain. Are you holding also tightly? Is the guinea pig okay or injured? provide them a rapid health check to watch if they have to visit a vet. If they have actually the skin condition mange, it can make managing painful because that them, and also they have no means of telling you not to choose them up various other than biting.

Calls that Nature!

It"s possible that your guinea pig desires to be put down due to the fact that it demands to walk to the bathroom and can"t wait! In this instance it might nibble irritably on her hand come let you know. Once you put your guinea pig down, watch it to watch if this is certainly the case.

Living Conditions

Another possible reason for a guinea pig biting is to execute with the animal"s environment. If the chews the bars all the time, it deserve to indicate loneliness. If girlfriend only have actually one guinea pig, then even if she the many affectionate owner in the world then it will certainly still be lonely without a guinea pig companion. Alternatively, it might be since you haven"t cleaned the end the hutch and also the animal is gaining stressed by the soiled bedding.

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Another potential cause, among male GPs, is testosterone. If if her guinea pig no neutered, he might turn aggressive. You might want to think about neutering him, yet need come be aware that this is actually no guarantee that he will readjust his behavior.