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Hamlet"s very first reason for calling Polonius a fishmonger is more than likely to make the old male think the is insane--i.e. That he yes, really doesn"t recognize him yet thinks the is a complete stranger. Hamlet can have chosen any other name to speak to Polonius, however the idea of the old man...

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Hamlet"s first reason because that calling Polonius a fishmonger is most likely to do the old man think the is insane--i.e. The he yes, really doesn"t recognize him yet thinks he is a complete stranger. Hamlet could have chosen any type of other name to speak to Polonius, but the idea that the old guy being a fishmonger appealed come Hamlet"s weird sense of humor. Polonius is choose a fishmonger in that he seems to it is in popping increase everywhere, the he is a nuisance, and also that he is about as welcome as someone who smells that fish. Calling this identified elderly gentleman a fishmonger must have acquired a huge laugh out of Shakespeare"s audience, and also it probably still it s okay a laugh the end of contemporary audiences, especially because of the startled reaction it gets from Polonius. We like Hamlet because, for one thing, he has a good sense of humor. Polonius has actually no feeling of feeling at all. The old courtier goes roughly picking up tidbits of info which he have the right to report to the king. The old guy trades in information just together a fishmonger trades in fish. Polonius is gaining old. At once he may have actually been more useful together a counselor, yet his mind has end up being weak. The ideal he can do not is to act together a spy and also a talebearer. Favor a fishmonger, Polonius has actually a lowly role and a lowly status. He is no much longer of lot use to Claudius. Hamlet despises him. He enjoys violation Polonius to his face--which he is able come do due to the fact that Polonius is already sure the Prince is insane. Polonius would dearly love to find out what is yes, really going on within Hamlet"s mind. He is make a destructive nuisance of self by interfering in Hamlet"s life ~ above the King"s behalf. Hamlet discover his resentment by choosing to call Polonius a fishmonger when he can have referred to as him miscellaneous a tiny less demeaning.