When you have actually received a COPD diagnosis, itis often adhered to by a prescription for medical grade oxygen.

You are left feeling overwhelmed through a wide range of new knowledge you must retain. Through COPD girlfriend may have actually a require for supplemental clinical grade oxygen. Medical grade oxygentreatment is typically yielded through a tube with two sleep prongs. This is far better known as a nasal cannula.

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Nasal cannulas space designed come be inserted into your nostrils and also attached to her portable or home oxygen concentrator. Definition they end up being dirty an extremely quickly and also regularly. For this reason you must make it a height priority to frequently replace and clean her nasal cannulas.

Reading COPD forums and blogs, there are many patients speak something along the lines of “my oxygen provider speak me come only readjust my nasal cannula ~ I’ve had actually a respiratory infection, such together a cold.” Or “with continuous cleaning you should only change your sleep cannula 1-2 time a month.”

This is problematic due to the fact that nasal cannulas space made of plastic, which will deteriorate and become infected with germs end time. Even much more so once you room sick.

Often time you might not be able to see the deterioration in the type of small cracks that enable bacteria and also mold to thrive, when dirt, dust, and also pollen can gain stuck in these cracks. Sleep cannulas and tubing are choose a petri dish for germs and bacteria.

Let’s talk about how to ensure healthy and balanced use of your nasal cannulas through oxygen therapy.

Change your Nasal Cannula Every 10 Days

Depending on who you speak to, part manufacturers recommend an altering your sleep cannulas once a main while

rather say as soon as a month. That the exact same story once you talk to your health and wellness careprovider.

With conflict opinions you space left confused, for this reason to conserve money you may choose to lean towards using 1 or 2 cannulas every month.

The biggest element for deciding when to adjust your nasal cannula is your health. If at anytime you have been sick or think you might be coming down with something, you should immediately readjust your cannula. By doing so friend will aid minimize the dispersing of germs.

If you select not to change your cannula after gift sick, you will certainly still it is in at hazard for a bacterial infection as result of the bacteria tho being current on the cannula and also tubing. Plus, if the virus is still life in the cannula it can mutate and influence you even worse 보다 before.

Even if you aren’t sick, by only replacing her cannula 1-2 times a month, you room leaving yourself open to big amounts the bacteria the is structure up on your nasal cannula. Which might potentially cause the flu, typical cold, or pneumonia.

With that said, werecommend that you readjust your nasal cannulas every 10 days.

Effective Cannula clean to minimization Infections

When using a nasal cannula, the extremely essential that you clean your cannula after every use. If you room prescribed oxygen 24/7, you should aim come clean her cannula 1 come 2 times every day, or an ext frequently if friend are currently sick.

Doing so will assist to further protect yourself native bacteria building up on her nasal cannula and infecting you.

Disinfecting her cannula just takes a few minutes. Just wipe under the nasal prongs with an alcohol wipe or swab, enable to dry, and it’s all set for use.

You should also use warmth water mixed with disinfecting food soap and a fifty percent cup of white vinegar come clean her cannula every week.

How to Clean your Nasal Cannula

Daily cleaning

Step 1: After each use, you need to disinfect your nasal cannula through an alcohol pad or swab.

Weekly Cleaning

At the very least 1-2 times per week you have to clean and disinfect her nasal cannula:

Step 1: to fill a bowl withwarm or gentle water mixed with disinfecting soap and half a cup the white vinegar.Step 2: permit your cannula to soak in a bowl with the equipment for at least 2 minutes.Step 3: Rinse her nasal cannula through water.Step 4: hang and allow to waiting dry totally before using again.

After cleaning your cannula you have to hang it increase and allow to totally air dry before using again. These cleanings advice still apply when personally of ours cannula program.


You need to now have a wealth of expertise when it pertains to the prominence of regularly an altering your sleep cannulas.

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Remember, by changing your nasal cannulas every 10 days you will protect against the dispersing of condition worsening germs that can lead come the common cold, flu, or also pneumonia. And also as a patient v COPD, you should do whatever you deserve to to minimization COPD exacerbations.

To aid you minimization COPD exacerbations, download our ebook: 13 an easy Strategies You can Use now to assist You Prevent and Manage COPD Exacerbations