"The Crossroads the America"

Adopted on on march 2, 1937. Language: English Focus: geography

Indiana is located in the Midwestern component of the unified States and also ranks among the peak ten states in both agricultural and commercial output. Due to the fact that Indiana"s railways, waterways and ports provide accessibility to the world, Indiana motto, "The Crossroads of America" was adopted by the Indiana general Assembly in 1937.

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When this motto was chosen, the theoretical center of the United says was in Indiana; furthermore, a number of north-south and also east-west courses intersect in Indiana. Several of these routes have actually been of nationwide importance because pioneer days.

Indiana State Motto "The Crossroads the America"

There are four states with mottos that emphasis on geography:

The Evansville Courier, currently the Evansville Courier & Press, ran a column called "Paragraphy" in the 1930s. J. Roy Strickland, its author, suggested to his readers the it to be time to embrace a state motto through soliciting suggestions and providing them come the Indiana general Assembly. He wrote,

"...in mine column, Paragraphy, I began a campaign for suggestions for a motto for Indiana. In a duration of 2 or three weeks, I received three hundred and also twenty-four suggestions. These were published in folder form, without the names and also addresses of the senders, and forwarded come the State legislature climate in session at Indianapolis. A committee of 3 from the House and two native the Senate took this list of mottoes and selected "The Crossroads of America.""

A share resolution by the Indiana home of Representatives, to take on "The Crossroads the America" as the main motto the Indiana resolved:

"Section 1. Be it addressed by the residence of representatives of the basic Assembly that the State that Indiana, the Senate concurring, the the expression "The Crossroads that America" is hereby designated and embraced as the official State motto or slogan for the State of Indiana."

Indiana Law

Joint Resolution No.

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6, adopting The Crossroads that America as the main motto the Indiana, was embraced by the Eightieth conference of the basic Assembly on march 2, 1937. The fostering of the official state motto that Indiana was by house Joint Resolution and also is not recorded in the Indiana Code.