Years active2005–presentSpouseNiyana Taylor (m. 2007)LabelsNoviak Music RecordsRecord labelBad young RecordsNameWillie TaylorMusic groupDay26 (2007 – 2012)RoleSinger

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Willie Taylor (born Willie Madison Taylor III; march 29, 1981) is one American singer and songwriter. He is finest known together a contestant indigenous MTV"s make the tape 4, where he was preferred by Diddy to it is in a member and also one the the key vocalists the the band Day26 on respectable 26, 2007.

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Early life

Taylor was a member of the Chicago-based team Kwiet Storm. Their music video, "Leave Me Alone", showed up on BET"s Midnight Love, Cita"s World, hits from the Street, and also as a new Joint that the work on 106 & Park.. After ~ ten years with Kwiet Storm, Taylor left to begin a solo career.


Taylor has operated with well-known artists such together Avant (with who he co-wrote 2 songs on Director: "So numerous Ways" and "With You"), Ginuwine, Jagged Edge, and also Joe.

Making the band 4 and Love & i know well Hop: Hollywood


After leave "Kwiet Storm" Taylor began a solo career, putting his first album on host to audition because that Making The band 4. The second season of make The band 4 revolved approximately Day26, Danity Kane, and Donnie Klang competing to view who can make a much better album. In the season finale Diddy announced that Making The band 4 would certainly have one more season. This time it would revolve roughly Danity Kane, Day26, and Donnie Klang touring. Willie Taylor of job 26 premiered the video for his brand-new single "Sex Conversation" indigenous his mixtape Sex Tape. A new Day26 album was released later in 2009. Work 26 is coming out with a new album in 2011 without one of their members. Additionally He is The CEO the Noivak Music team


On September 7, 2015, Taylor, his wife Lashanda and also two children are featured ~ above the second season of the VH1 spin-off display Love & i know well Hop: Hollywood.

Personal life

A aboriginal of Chicago Illinois, Taylor is a Thornton Township High school graduate. Taylor is proactively involved in his community in Chicago and also has a street called after him.

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He is married come wife, Lashanda Denyce. They have a son called Kavion, and also a daughter Layla Marie, born July 14, 2010. Willie Taylor is named Willie Madison Taylor III ~ his dad Willie Madison Taylor II. Willie and the singer Jeremih room cousins.

With Kwiet Storm

2004: In The Mist the The Storm

Solo album

2006: On my Way

Solo Projects

2010: Sextape2012: The Re-Introduction the Willie Taylor2014: "Sextape 2"


"What ns Need" (2006)"Sweat" (2006)"Pushin Beauty" (2006)"Sex Conversation" (2010)"Blast Off" (2014)"Though ns Knew Myself" (2015)"Jackpot" (2016)


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