Most wizards farm for few of the finest gear in the Spiral. Lock put plenty of hours right into Darkmoor, Waterworks, Aquila…. I might go on because that a while. However, there’s constantly one piece of the puzzle that a many forget about – Pets. Having actually a great pet deserve to be an absolute game changer because that you. Wizard101 pets can give damage boosts, critical, resist, and so countless other comfortable stats and also talents. Welcome to the Beginner’s ( or simply everyone’s) simple guide to pets. This guide focuses on PvE/PvP pets. Because that derby pets, examine out this other article.

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Where perform Wizard101 pet come from?

There room too countless different resources for pets in Wizard101 to also list. Because that starters, they can be bought through many vendors transparent the Spiral, in the Crown Shop and from seasonal sellers such together Eggbert or Felix Navidad (in the purchase District). For details information around pet vendors, click here.

Pets can additionally be reduce from specific bosses, or be rewarded from quests. While questing you will certainly encounter several pursuits that provide you through pets. As component of a brand-new tutorial update, friend will gain a starter pet native a pursuit in Olde Town. Then, your major school professors will carry out you with a pet pursuit at level 48, level 58, level 78, level 98, and level 118.

In enhancement to the over methods, wizards can hatch their own pets with other wizards’ pets in stimulate to acquire either the the hatched pets earlier or perhaps also a new hybrid pet. This have the right to be done in-person or with the Hatchmaking Kiosk.

Pet Stages

A pets will constantly start together a baby. Indigenous there, it requirements to acquire 125 pet XP to become a teen. This goes on for all the various stages of the pet’s life. The stages space as follows:

Baby to teenager = 125 XPTeen to Adult = 250 XPAdult to old = 525 XPAncient to epos = 1050 XPEpic come Mega = 2125 XPMega come Ultra = 2250 XP

Each time your pet levels up, other than from Mega come Ultra, it will get some type of talent. Once leveled approximately ultra, the is a tiny different. When you’re just beginning out, you will absolutely want to avoid leveling as much as ultra. I’ll walk over talent in an ext detail later on on.

How come the review the pet Menu

Take a look and also familiarize yourself v the image below to fully understand this next bit. You require to have a pet in your backpack to carry out this. Push “I” to pull up your pet menu. Click the switch next to the snack icon that claims “Full Talent View” in the lower right section of the menu. You will certainly then view the listed below image. I took the liberty of noting up some of the attributes in this menu:

1. Pet Preview – shows pet’s appearance.2. Pet Cards – any kind of spell cards derived from the pets (excluding card-giving talents). Details pets will certainly unlock an ext as castle level up3. Shown up Pedigree – the total value or power of all manifested (discovered) pet talents.4. Full Pedigree – total value of every talents, manifested or not. This is basically showing how much potential this pet has.

Note: Ideally, you want both of these pedigree numbers together high as possible. Most good pets have full pedigree ranging from 75-90, and also manifested pedigree that at the very least 40.

5. Talent Pool – reflects the materialized pet talents and also rarity of ones that space still locked. Generally, the rarer castle are, the far better they are. They selection from common, uncommon, come rare, to ultra rare, to epic.6. School and also species that pet.7. Experience Bar – shows stage that pet and required pets XP to following stage.8. Pets Statistics – shown at max possible values. This are few of the most necessary attributes about your pet, together these recognize how effective its talent are. Much more on those later.9. Energy menu – Jewels, view, tome, etc


Understanding pets Statistics

Pets have five main statistics that influence their talents – Strength, Intellect, Agility, Will, and also Power. The higher each statistic is, the higher your pet’s talent an abilities will be. Because that instance, a pet through max stats, as displayed above, will give more damage or withstand in its materialized than a pet through the stats portrayed below. This that course counts on the pet’s materialized talents. If the pet doesn’t have a withstand talent, you cannot intend it to provide you resist.

After your pet is totally trained, you’d ideally desire your stats all maxed out, however if you’re tho questing when training your pet, rise the stats the your pet’s talents rely on the most. Because that damage, boost your strength, will, and also power. Because that critical, an increase your Agility, Will, and also Power. Resist counts on Strength, Agility, and Power.

These space the stats that will certainly be impacted by every attribute:


Strength is a stat you require to rise for much more damage, power pip chance, resistance, outgoing healing, armor piercing, and also stun resistance.Intellect affects your mana, accuracy, power pip chance, just arrived healing, armor piercing, and critical block rating.Agility affects her health, accuracy, resistance, just arrive healing, armor piercing, and vital rating.Will affects health, mana, damage, outgoing healing, crucial rating, also as an important block rating.Power affects many of your stats. It’s certainly worth having actually maxed out.

You will most likely have an alert that Pet Happiness to be left out. This is a fairly brand-new attribute added to pets the doesn’t influence stats every se. However, there are certain tasks and talents that count on happiness, such as playing as your pet. Joy is the total of all various other stats linked and is provided to perform these jobs / talents. It’s refilled by feeding pets.

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How to Train your Pets

Pets have the right to be trained by completing mini-games in magician City’s pet Pavilion, accessed native the Commons. Each mini-game has actually the potential to give your pet up to 4 XP relying on how girlfriend performed.