Many powerlifting pan don’t recognize that in the early days the the sport, there provided to be a fourth lift. It to be the strict curl. Her head, back, and glutes should stay against a wall while you carry out a barbell curl or EZ-Bar curl v the heaviest weight possible. This movement had been brought into a spotlight in recent years many thanks to C.T. Fletcher, yet now two more significant athletes room bringing fist to it.

Larry Wheels and also retired NFL linebacker James Harrison have been sharing posts on social media around the strict curl and also we may now check out a competition between the two avid lifters. ~ above July 19, Wheels had actually shared a article on Instagram that verified him curling 198 pounds (90 kg). In the post, he asked for civilization to carry out the same and tag the on it.

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90kg/198lb strictly curl challenge! tags me in your best strict curl and also get reposted! Head, ago and butt have to be touching wall during the movement!

A short article shared through Larry (
larrywheels) on Jul 19, 2020 at 7:18am PDT

Harrison, a two-time Super key Champion through the Pittsburgh Steelers, obliged ~ above July 23 with a write-up of his own and also expressed the he can potentially collection the record. He no share exactly how much weight he lifted yet it showed up to be at least 187 pounds (85 kg) counting the bar.

“I interrupt leg day in honor of
larrywheels strict curl Challenge. Ns feel like I got a shot in ~ the record.”

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i interrupt leg day in respect of
larrywheels strict curl Challenge. Ns feel like I got a shot in ~ the document