On January 14th & 15th, of 2005, several of my family and I test to set a Guinness human being Record for spinning one basketball because that the longest time. Once we got in this, we did not realize the exposure this would certainly get. The was not our motivation. Our motivation was to respect the Lord.

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How go the document come about?

In November that 2004, few of the family members was looking through the Guinness book one day, and also they witnessed the document for spinning one basketball for the longest time. It to be 3 hours and 59 minutes, by a male in China. My youngsters said, "Dad, you could beat that record!" So we talked about it and I prayed around doing it, and the Lord opened up an chance to set the record in January that 2005. We chose that we want to carry out the document for the right reasons, & together a ministry the is our score to"Forever Uplift the name of Jesus Christ, the Champion of our Faith"! so God provided us the idea to have actually some banners comprised byInsty Prints of Brookings, SD, that presented "Spin 4 Him". The "Him" gift the Lord. We give thanks to this printing company for your support.

We had three goals:

To honor God the Father because that His matchless gift of His child Jesus Christ, Who died in ours place. If Jesus passed away for us, climate we desire to live because that Him!

To lug people to the understanding of the love the God through His boy Jesus Christ.

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Like any difficulty our 3rd goal was to break the record. Among the scriptures verses that i remember once I am versus something that I recognize that i can"t do on my very own strength is Phil. 4:13, "I deserve to do all things through Jesus Christ who offers me strength."I knew that through the strength of the Lord, anything is possible, and He would watch me through!


Did girlfriend take any breaks during the attempt?

Most civilization ask, "Did friend take any type of breaks, favor to eat or walk to the bathroom?" The prize is "no us did not". We did eat and drink when we needed to and I additionally had to usage the restroom on three occasions, but the basketball go not prevent spinning!! i won"t go into anymore information than that various other than to say it was a challenge! :-)


Where perform we go from here?

This is the fifth time God has enabled me to effort to rest a Guinness civilization Record because that Basketball Spinning. (Four documents for rotate the most basketballs, and also one because that spinning one basketball the longest time). Us would like to honor and also give every the credit transaction to Jesus ours Savior, the divine Spirit ours comforter, and also our Heavenly Father.


We thank all of the businesses who sponsored this attempt and also record success, however most the all we would like to say thanks to the God that made us, and who provided us this possibility to not just attempt the record, but additionally to rest the people record for spinning the basketball. We provide Him every the honor and also the glory because that without him we could not have done it!