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So I"ve been working on mine bike for about 2 weeks now. I"ve had actually to remove and install my carbs about 50 time by now. Simply finished syncing the carbs after installing brand-new carb kit and bike is to run so much far better but still having actually issues. Bicycle idles perfect sounds good when i rev the up no as lot popping any type of more. However no issue what gear I"m in, I need to rotate throttle at the very least 1/4-1/2 rotate to get any kind of real power. However once it captures it feels and also sounds GREAT. I"m reasoning it"s starving because that gas in the reduced rpms. Probably the floats require adjusting or the pms screws do. I really don"t desire to take it the carbohydrate off again so ns was wondering is there a cheat to readjust the air/gas screw while carb is still on bike just to check out if there"s any type of difference? the 1100 is a good bike but there space a couple things you have to know. Never provide it throttle as soon as starting, and check the mid pillar the tuning section it has info on setup the carbs. If you have actually stock intake and exhaust the screws need to be about2 transforms out.lots that guys gain aftermarket screws for this reason they dont have to pull the carbohydrate to adjust. Unfortunatly maxair no longer sells them separate. You need to by there pod kit. Metric magic sells screws girlfriend can discover him on facebook vstars forum.

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