I have been wondering exactly how to speak annoying, adjective and also verb, in rewildtv.com (ES). Ns come indigenous the Northwest the the US and we use this word very often.I have actually seen instances using molestar however none of lock seem come be speak what ns am trying to express.

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For example:

These mosquitos are very annoying. OMG! ns can"t believe how annoying Becky"s voice is! protect against annoying me! Stop! Stop!



The word would be "molesto(a)" i beg your pardon is an adjective. Together a verb it would certainly be "molestar"

With your examples would be prefer so:

These mosquitos are very annoying. / Estos mosquitos kid muy molestos. OMG! i can"t believe how annoying Becky"s voice is! / ¡Dios mio! No puedo creer lo molesta que es la voz de Becky. Protect against annoying me! / ¡Deja de molestarme!




Molesto/molestar boy los términos más habituales en Español de España. Si utilizas enojado/enojar en España te entenderán pero suenan demasiado formales (suenan a castellano antiguo). Tambien existen alternativas coloquiales - vulgares (muy utilizadas) como:

"dar la brasa" = "molestar""pesado/a" = "molesto""plasta" (masculino y femenino) " = "molesto"

"Juan es un pesado/plasta, no para de hablar", "¡Deja de darme la brasa, para de una vez!"

You can go v ser pesado o ser un incordio o ser un fastidio

Estos mosquitos child un incordio (alternativamente, Estos mosquitos no paran de incordiar)

Estos mosquitos child un fastidio (estos mosquitos me están fastidiando).

Fastidiar is closer to tease in some contexts, however would job-related here.

You room annoying me or avoid annoying me deserve to be translated with incordiar o cabrear (this latter one is closer to "you room upsetting me" or "you are driving me mad")

Deja de incordiarme / Deja de cabrearme

Me estás incordiando

For something choose Becky"s voice is so stroked nerves you could use molesto or cargante (this last one is similar to "pesado")

Qué cargante eres con el temita, macho.

Qué cargante es ese sonido.

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In Argentina is really common come say "insoportable".

Los mosquitos kid insoportables.

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