Tapping it: (from left) Okada’s F&B director Sumit Rajput, Casino VP Shirley Tam, president Takashi Oya, COO Byron Yip and also Hospitality SVP Ivaylo Ivanov led the tapping that a ceremonial beer keg, then elevated their mugs.

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One point you could not suppose to check out while wandering under Okada’s crystal Corridor is one Austrian tape dressed in lederhosen performing Tom Schilling’s ’80s hit significant Tom.

But climate again, this is Oktoberfest, Manila-style.

Okada’s “Octoberfest” from Sept. 23 to 28 promises to be one of the much more authentic renditions the the great Munich celebration, indigenous the yes, really Bavarian ingredients and also imported beer to the imported band, Alpengaudi (which method “fun in the mountains”).

Along through steins and steins the German Weihenstephan beer, the lively walkway in ~ Okada Manila is crammed v beer-hall-type tables whereby Filipino beer maidens dressed in dirndls and also braids carry you boot-shaped glasses of lager, bowl of brotzeitbrettl and also poached Munich veal sausages.

The idea that Oktoberfest has so permeated the world that you will certainly find practically every hotel hold a version of it this days, dispersing Bavarian culture in a means not unequal the existence of many Chinatowns throughout the world.

But what provides an yes, really Oktoberfest?


Prost! Oktoberfest is largely about enjoying German lagers.

Having never ever been to the actual one in Munich, my mam Therese and I were contents to let Okada Manila present us their rendition, which including live cooking booths, magicians and also acrobats (crystal ball jugglers, unicyclists), picture booths, the peppy Alpengaudi and also numerous games.

Then, the course, there is the drinking. To run from 7 p.m. Till 1 a.m., there’s lots of time to sample foamy lagers and also ales in ice-cold mugs.

Every therefore often, the tape would protect against its number and bid us raise our glasses with this refrain: “Zicke, zacke, zicke, zacke, hoi, hoi, hoi!” (meaning something prefer “A toast, a toast, a cozy place! One, two, three, drink!”)

The various other toast you easily learn is “Prost!” (“Cheers!”), yet another command come raise her glass and suck down an ext suds. Which we did.

So far, this is exactly how we imagine the actual Oktoberfest in Munich to be.

Many of the Filipino beer maidens, in the interest of appearing an ext Bavarian, sported colored call lenses, which to be a little eerie at first, yet they carried us hearty goulash, Swabian cheese noodles (aka spätzle), crispy roast pork knuckle and also apple strudel, so we soon obtained over our initial discomfiture.


To open up the festivities, a group of Okada executives to be on hand to tap the ceremonial keg, including Okada president Takashi Oya, F&B director Sumit Rajput, COO Byron Yip, casino VP Shirley Tam, and hospitality SVP Ivaylo Ivanov.

Then, the night commenced — with food games, consisting of one in i beg your pardon team members had actually to move pretzels indigenous one finish of the table to the following using only the sausages hanging from your mouths — a row of video game booths (including Hammer Strength, Barrel Blaster and also Ring Shots), and even a created Bavarian Castle.

Guests are invited to come dressed in their own lederhosen and also dirndls (those Heidi-like Alpine clothing you see everywhere during Oktoberfest).

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“Octoberfest is really special as it is that singular event where girlfriend gather v your friends or family and also just have actually a pure good time with good food, drinks, music and also fun,” says Rajput, “and Okada Manila is proud to it is in the just venue that offers the biggest and most lavish solemn event ‘indoors,’ many thanks to the crystal Corridor’s state-of-the-art climate control.”

From what I’ve heard, the actual Munich Oktoberfest lasts around 17 or 18 days, and also includes the wonderful Bavarian exercise of shoveling up spilled beer, food and, uh, expelled human fluids native the roads at the close of festivities every night. Thankfully, this is where Okada’s Octoberfest does not strive to replicate the initial version.